Energy Star Windows

Energy Star® Windows LogoDalmen manufactures an extensive collection of ENERGY STAR® windows. In addition, we also make certified energy star doors. This renowned trademark is a symbol of high quality, environmentally friendly, and energy efficiency. Energy Star windows are the standard when it comes to purchasing windows for your home.

Energy Efficient Glass

Dalmen knows what retailers look for when searching for those perfect additions to their window selections. The glass can enhance a window dramatically when it includes the right technology and features.

Energy efficient windows depend a lot on the kind of glass used. Dalmen uses insulated glass that includes an assortment of features and options to improve your customer’s energy efficiency of their home. Dalmen also offers a wide variety of glass glazes, including a low-emissivity (low-E) soft coat and a hard coat (low-E), which can enhance any energy efficient windows even more. Argon gas can be added into airspaces in windows to increase the window’s insulating performance.


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Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows are becoming more enticing to your customers over double glazed because there are significant differences in their performance. Our Energy Star certified triple glazed windows have an additional third pane included for insulation, compared to the double glazed, which only has two panes with more space in between. The third window pane included in the triple glaze keeps heat from escaping and reduces condensation. The great aspect about triple glazed windows compared to a double glazed window is that it can improve the energy rating around 20-30% when comparing the SHGC, or U-values factors.

ClimaGuard Glass

When ClimaGuard is used in winter, it may be freezing cold outside, but inside it’s luminous and warm. The low emission 80/70 ClimaGuard glass is specially engineered to keep warmth inside and maximize solar gain in northern climate. Considering how much energy it saves compared to other types of glass, it blows the competition out of the water.


Climaguard Glass Energy Efficient Windows

Super Spacer System Windows & Doors

Super Spacer System

This is the ultimate dual seal insulation system for your window and door products. This non-metal, structural foam spacer clearly resists condensation, reduces energy costs, provides long-life durability and adds both comfort and value to your windows. Incorporated within the Super Spacer System is the 80/70 ClimaGuard glass.



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